Monday, August 27, 2012

"The Incognito Project" Kickstarter

Today we have a guest post.  Read on to learn more about Terry Strickland's imaginative new "Incognito" series and her fundraising project to create a book to go with her show.  This post was written by Carly Strickland, daughter of the artist and the one designing the book.  Looks like mom got to do all the fun stuff and left her daughter to worry about margin width and kerning.  I think when I have kids I'll make sure that they have skills that will benefit my career, too.  Like paint mulling, or art photography.  I'll even settle for really good grilled cheese sandwich making skills.

Take it, Carly:

Carly Strickland as Professor Rattus

The Incognito Project is kind of a big deal in my family. In fact, our small company, Matter Deep Publishing, came about because the painting series always included publishing a book about the project. We realized we had a family full of writers and artists so why not make a publishing business.

Mom (Terry Strickland) got an idea a few of years ago to do a large scale show of portraits of people as their alter-egos. It was deeply collaborative between Mom and her models, going back and forth about who they wanted to be when they grew up (because none of us are really grown up) or their secret identities and alter egos.

When it came time for the photo shoot (20 something people in one day- whew!) the family stepped up to be the support she needed for the day! Dad handed out model paperwork and kept the schedule, my sister-in-law did costume make up, my brother did interviews about the alter egos, and I worked as Mom's assistant, moving lights, adjusting models, and serving as a second set of eyes for the photos.

So here we are a couple years later, the paintings are done, but the family is not! We have joined together to make The Incognito Project into a coffee table book. We've got the writers writing and the designer (me) designing. 

While the book started out as her project, we’ve all let it become our project. It's kind of taken over our lives.

Designing the book has been a pleasure. I’ve been living in a house with several of the pieces since they were painted, but getting to really look at them all day is marvelous. 

I’ve been working to complement the paintings’ compositions with my layouts. It’s been a surprisingly natural process that I attribute to the two of us having an incredibly similar sense of design. I am Mom’s mini-me.

It's got all kinds of stuff in it. Essays about the significance of certain identities, statements from the models, and giant glossy images of the paintings. It's laid out like a detective's file, revealing the way Mom has become a people detective. Through her art she has discovered others' true selves and laid them bare for us all to see.

We're running a Kickstarter to fund the printing of the book. If you donate 50 bucks you get a 9x12, hard cover. It included 120 pages of beautiful paintings, fantastic writing, and stunning details! The Kickstarter ends September 2, after that, the book will be $65. There's a bunch of other swag that you can get too in smaller pledge packages, or if you've got more there are a few packages that include original art, so check it out!

If you've never seen Kickstarter here's a quick run down:

You promise to donate a certain amount of money. If the campaign reaches the needed amount, then your donation goes through. If we don't reach our goal, then our hopes and dreams are shattered, you don't spend any money, and we don't get any money. It's completely safe, and your payments go through your existing Amazon account. Amazon has (rigorously) verified that we are who we say we are, and essentially what you are doing is not really donating, but pre-ordering a book! More about it here: Kickstarter's Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Kate, we blame the kids going into art on our doing too many art projects with them when they were little but maybe this was my ulterior motive all along. I ought to get something for all that tuition to SCAD right? Thanks for sharing our project with your readers!

  2. Awesome! Love it! Can't wait to get my book! Such a cool project with so many possibilities. Terry, this is a theme you can run with for as long as you want…it's never ending and constantly changing! And Carly, what a cool daughter you are that you and your mom are doing this together!

    Win win win win for all!

  3. Grilled cheese making is a vital skill.

  4. Awesome!

    Backed the project and fingers crossed that it goes through so I can get a copy of the book.

    I hope my future children are good at dish washing. Lots and lots of dish washing