Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Happy Huntsman

Posted by: Dave

I know I have been slacking on the updates, buy hey, it's summer, and someone has to drink beer and fall asleep in the sun.  I have started to move along on my "Happy Huntsman" piece and am now working into the first painting stage, but before I get into details, I have to talk about the new dog I just adopted.  Now I know that everyone thinks their dog is the best, but it isn't, mine is.  In fact, if you have a small dog, that instantly puts you out of the running for having a cool dog, especially if it's one of those tiny white ones that has a permanently stained face and has the intelligence of an Idaho potato (sorry Tara).  My dog Bishop is going to be included in my next several paintings, so plan on seeing him some more in the upcoming months.

Below you can see the drawing completed for the "Happy Huntsman", along with the color studies.  I am trying something a bit different with this piece by focusing more on the larger dark shape/silhouette of the figure contrasting with a lighter colored background. Again, I cannot stress the importance of preparation when doing a painting.  Drawings, life studies, thumbnails, color studies, etc are all extremely useful.  You never want to paint yourself into a corner on the final piece (see how I did that, you see how that works on those two levels, ah nevermind.)

Start of the underpainting, done in raw umber after the transfer was completed.

The ébauche, using a mixture of vermillion, lead white, raw umber, ivory black, and yellow ochre pale.  The colors are extremely limited and muted at this point, as is the value range.

The beginning of first painting along with a paper towel for some reason which I didn't bother to move before taking the picture.

And here is something awesome I drew just because I am awesome.  Sometimes it's simply fun to draw something completely different from what one normally does.  Drawing things like this makes me give it up to all you illustrators and concept artists.


  1. From the blog title, I was hoping the dog was going to be called Huntsman?....missed opportunity ;)

  2. You adopted the Littlest Hobo?! I have an Australian Shepherd and I can't even count how many times I've lost a game of Trivial Pursuit to him.