Sunday, July 8, 2012

ACOPAL Needs Your Help

Posted by: Dave

For those of you who don't know,  ACOPAL is currently raising funds for the high cost of shipping and packaging of the artwork destined for China.  In addition, funding is also being raised to bring artists from the United States over to China for the exhibit in order to create a philosophical and creative exchange in the arts.  If this cultural bridge is not gapped between these two great nations, there will certainly be another world war and everyone will die.  Basically, if you don't donate money, you are killing everyone. 

In addition, I have donated a work for sale (which is big deal because I am a selfish bastard) For only 500 bucks, you can own an original Gluck or a work be another fabulous artist.  All proceeds go towards ACOPAL's goal.

Still not motivated to donate yet?  Fine, if the goal is not reached, I am going to club this newborn baby seal.  Don't believe me?  I live in Canada, clubbing seals is our specialty.  CLICK HERE to find out how to donate.  Don't click if you want me to club the seal.


  1. Okay....I just pledged 2 dollars to save the seal! Too funny, David. Thanks for posting!

  2. Only 11 days left....poor baby seal :-(
    I heard that Baby seal fur makes a great brush! Much better than mongoose or sable... ;-)

  3. Alright already--I pledged! Now back off the baby seal. Unless of course you were going to make a fur coat and give it to me...