Friday, June 1, 2012


Posted by: Dave

Well, it's my turn to brag about how much fun I had at an event on my blog so the folks at home can feel left out.  This year, Kate and I got the attend the 2012 PSoA conference in Philadelphia.  Unfortunately my camera died one day in, so my photo selection is rather limited.  The highlights of the convention are as follows:

1) Hanging out with a multitude of cool artists.  Man, as a collective, we rule.

2)  Talking to George O' Hanlon and his wife Tatiana from Natural Pigments.  The man knows literally everything there is to know about paint. I simply love the product. For those of you who refuse to try his paints, remember this;  Hitler was an artist that didn't use them...are you worse than Hitler?

3)  Cool demos.  The artist in me loves all the great demo's, but the ADD in me still wanders in and out the whole time.  I still think it would be fun to have a demo called "old master recipes".  Then just have it be a cooking class when everyone thinks you are going to go over traditional materials.  

4) Exploring Philadelphia.  We got the grand tour by our wonderful host Rachel Constantine.  We got to see this little known mural by Maxfield Parish.

As we all know, in addition to all the great teaching, the PSoA is centered largely around the competition of the 20 finalists and 30 honorable mentions at the conference.  I find however, that this only allows for a small group of people to be winners.  I am going to submit a list of recommended additional competitions for next years PSoA.

1) The evening gown competition, open to both men and woman.

2)  The strong man competition where one has to pull a truck with a waist belt. (though Julio Reyes would probably kick my ass...actually, his wife Candace would too....actually, screw this competition, I quit.)

3) Hot dog eating competition.  Timed eating event with only the highest of standards. 

I feel these events will truly be the test of an artist.  In addition, a money grab booth and pyrotechnics should also be introduced somehow.

In all seriousness, I would like to give an extra special thanks to everyone who makes the PSoA event possible.  We look forward to it all year.


  1. A real man could have fixed the camera, MacGyver-style. In fact, I bet Reyes could have fixed it with a contact lens, the foil wrapper from a piece of gum, and a cat whisker, all while kicking your ass.

    I like the "Money Grab" booth idea.

    Gotta run - my shoes need to be shined.

  2. I definitely second the proposal for a money grab booth!!! Plus we should propose a discussion panel topic "Most Awkward Commissions" where of course Kate would shame any and all contenders with her tales and we would hear more REAL portrait artist experiences than anything I heard up there this past weekend.

  3. Hi David,
    I just discovered your blog - looking forward to reading more. Great work at the PSOA - should have introduced myself. I'll have to meet you next year! :-)