Friday, June 22, 2012

Great Businesses Have Small Beginnings

Posted by: Kate

Natural Pigments is applying for a small business grant and needs your help.  They only have to make it to 250 votes, which means that if every registered follower of this blog votes, they'll be pretty close.  After that, it's up to a panel of business experts to decide, Dragon's Den style, who gets the grant.

We all know that setting up a unicorn breeding program to harvest his Oleogel will be a costly endeavor.  Also, he said something about training personnel for his company.  I saw this robot in a film recently, and George could totally download his complete knowledge of art materials into it and have it answer phone calls from artists who have technical questions.  Unfortunately the robot is also a sociopath, so Natural Pigments would have to have a cheques and balances system in place to make sure the robot doesn't get too much power.

But really, the reason why we need to support this business is because Natural Pigments is one of those art supply manufacturers that is handing knowledge back to the artists.  Owner George O'Hanlon will tell you how he makes stuff and why he does it that way.  He has no trade secrets to hide because a scientific approach to creating the best art supplies possible is not compatible with the spirit of secrecy.  I like that, and you should too.

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  1. Sounds easy enough...Can you post a direct link to the voting page?