Friday, May 11, 2012

Go read someone else's blog for once

So my friend Ping Shun Chan,  from our awesome co-op days in Toronto, finally launched his blog.  For those who don't know the man, he is a pretty impressive mathematician turned amazing fine artist.  He actually wrote this book.  I'm not sure what the book is about, but I think it gives the formula for time travel. This sort of classical literature is more up my alley.  Anyway, his blog will follow his rantings and ravings in addition to some step by step progress shots of his work.  He is currently  living in mainland China, where the standards of art are extremely high and people live in shame if they screw up on a painting.  I highly recommend reading this guy's blog.  Click here for the link.  And yes, the blog's name is "Panda Palace Productions," as everything in China must incorporate the word Panda, Palace, Jade, Empire, Garden, or Happy in the title.

Work in progress above by Ping Shun Chan.

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