Thursday, March 1, 2012

Women Painting Women: The Expedition and Beyond

Posted by: Kate

I am honoured to be participating in an upcoming show at Principle Gallery in Alexandria, Virginia, with the crew who brought us Women Painting Women, and a gaggle of other prominent American women artists.  In 2010, at the same time that Robert Lange Gallery hosted an exhibition inspired by the blog, a dozen of the participating artists got together and rented a beach house and painted together for a week.  Several cases of wine and seven days later we had all formed some pretty rock-hard friendships and even I got pretty blubbery on the last day when we had to say good-bye.  It was a watershed week for me, not only because I got some photogenic photos taken but also because it changed the terrain of the art world for me, to be a part of a large and energetic network of artists.  Before then, I was kind of stuck alone in my studio smothering my loneliness with chocolate and believing the realist artist population to be about 12 globally.

Anyhoo, a year and a half later we are all participating in a show, mostly because there are some amazing party-whips in our group who had the vision and the discipline to make it happen.  The exhibition is called "The Expedition and Beyond" and runs April 13th to May 15th.   The paintings are phenomenal and a large number of them are directly inspired by the getaway and features other members of the group.  Here is a list of the ladies in the show:

Alexandra Tyng – Narberth, PA
Alia El-Bermani – Cary, NC
Catherine Prescott – Harrisburg, PA
Cindy Procious – Chattanooga, TN
Diane Feissel – Philadelphia, PA
Linda Tracey Brandon – Phoenix, AZ
Mia Bergeron – Chattanooga, TN
Rachel Constantine – Philadelphia, PA
Sadie Valeri – San Francisco, CA
Terry Strickland- Pelham, AL
Shannon Runquist, Charleston, SC

One of our group has a designer for a daughter, so we managed to get an amazing catalogue put together.


  1. Psyched for this show Kate! I might be able to come check it out on a weekend ... will you be in Alexandria for the opening?

    1. Unfortunately not! I still hope you can make it to the show. The other ladies are worth meeting.