Friday, March 30, 2012

Iron Maiden Part III

Posted by: Kate

I figured out that I can smoosh all my photos together in photoshop onto one canvas, thereby freeing myself of the necessity of coming up with something witty to say in between photos.  Here's today's work.  It was tonnes of fun.

I've been asked about what the goals are for each stage of painting.  I'd say that my goal for ébauche is to create a convincing likeness of the sitter's second cousin.  In first painting, like today, it ought to look like the sitter's sister.  By the time the painting is done the model and the painting should be like Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen.  One is prettier, but the other is thinner.  Or one had a slightly better nose job, but the doctor's wrist slipped during the botox injection.  I don't usually try to take the likeness further than this.


  1. Beautiful. Thank you for sharing your process.

  2. Ha ha ha. You are funny. This is wonderful work and I love the word "smoosh". It makes you want to kiss a baby on the cheek. The line of photos reminds me of those photo booths that were so popular back in the day where you put your coins in and take four photos in a row and wait eagerly for your photo strip to come out. I still see them from time to time. Next time I see one, I will use it and think of your blog post here.

    1. OMG-Kate you out done yourself with witty comments in this post!! I am literally dying of laughter right now. Love the idea that in the early stages a portrait should have a "convincing likeness of the sitter's second cousin" eventually culminating in a Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen hybrid. Brilliant! Reminds me a lot of what Nelson Shanks recommends that one should "refrain from having a portrait look human for as long as possible (in the initial stages)". Seems to me that you are in good company with this thought process.