Monday, February 27, 2012

More Real than Real

Posted by: Kate

My old lady is scheduled to appear overseas at Peter Walker Fine Art Gallery's exhibit "More Real than Real" in Australia; a show curated by Jim Thalassoudis. Any more real and it would be back to abstract, bam. It is nice to see the trend of realism spreading throughout the world. My Australian friend James has even told me that their leader, Lord Humongous, ruler of the wastelands, has striven to bring together realist artists from around the world who may not have had an opportunity to show together otherwise. This will definitely be an exhibit to not simply "walk away" from.

I was scheduled to exhibit here as well, but my piece was damaged before I could ship it. Other exhibiting artists are below. (list cut and pasted from Underpaintings because I am too lazy to re-type it and Matt Innis is a real writer)

TRAVIS MICHAEL BAILEY from Union, Missouri
MARINA DIEUL from Montreal, Quebec
JEFF GOLA from Moorestown, New Jersey
JASON JOHN from Jacksonville, Florida
TARA JUNEAU from Victoria, British Columbia
LACEY LEWIS from Kansas City, Missouri
STEPHEN MAGSIG from Detroit, Michigan
BRIAN MARTIN from Providence, Rhode Island
JENNIFER NEHRBASS from Albuquerque, New Mexico
GRAYDON PARRISH from Austin, Texas
LEE PRICE from Beacon, New York
CINDY PROCIOUS from Chattanooga, Tennessee
JONATHAN QUEEN from Cincinnati, Ohio
PIERRE RABY from Montreal, Quebec
KATHERINE STONE from Victoria, Canada
JOSHUA SUDA from Nanticoke, Pennsylvania
SADIE JERNIGAN VALERI from San Francisco, California


  1. Is the bottle painting the piece you were going to submit? That's such a shame you didn't get to. I love realist art so much. I would give my right arm to paint that way. Well, maybe not because then I could not paint. : )

  2. Actually yes, but the varnish layer got scratched and I had to redo it. Love your arm comment by the way.

  3. Jaw dropping excellent work!!!!

  4. We're pretty relaxed down here in the wastelands, so just stick your repaired picture under your arm, bring it along to the show and lean it against the wall. By the way, it's actually Lady Humungous