Tuesday, January 24, 2012

L.A. Fine Art Show

Posted by: Dave

Adrian Gottlieb and Kate Sammons were nice enough to snap a shot of my work at the L.A. Fine Art Show, where we are all exhibiting at the S.R. Brennen Galleries booth. From what I can tell, its an amazing show, but its L.A. so make sure to wear the proper gang colors if you attend.

On a completely separate note, there are few times when I tip my cap to a modern artist, but move over Hirst, this may be the best contemporary sculpture ever created.


  1. -That photo is BS.

    -That's why I only eat corn-fed beef.

    -I thought cauliflower was vegan.

    -Who said modern art is a joke?

    Zing! Sorry, I couldn't contain myself. I'd have a bunch more if I was funny.

  2. ha, awesome, I am thinking at some point of having a caption contest for works.