Monday, January 9, 2012

Hunter Update

Posted by: Dave

I have started to lay in some color on the face and begin building up thicker paint layers, though it is no where near completion at this point. As you can see, it is still being kept in this patchy "first painted" stage to allow for correction. I find that when people blend too early in a painting, it is extremely difficult to adjust errors. Keeping things broken so to speak enables one to more easily adjust one area without affecting others. As the painting advances, the patches become smaller and smaller until the final layer is applied using medium. I know I have said some of these things before, but I simply am too lazy to re-read what I have said in past to see what is redundant. There is TV that needs watching.

On a side note, a lot of people have asked me where I have found the inspiration for my series on trappers and hunters. I know many artists will turn to nature and draw from its inherent beauty and majesty, while other artists will turn to classical music and literature. Me, I turn to something a lot less lame; Charles Bronson. Before creating this piece, I had watched "Death Hunt" with my main man Chucky B; a story about a lone trapper who is out to shoot the first man who crosses him. Drawing inspiration from things like classical music and nature are totally wussy, and when artists turn to these things for inspiration they end up with pictures like "nude woman with a venetian mask wandering the woods for no reason" or "little blonde girl in white dress smelling flower." If you really want to turn to the classics, start with Deathwish 2-4 and listen to Thrash Metal. I guarantee the manliness of your paintings will increase ten fold.

Also, I just found out my friend got a taxidermy bear. You know that's going into a painting.


  1. I was just reading the plot summary of that movie on Wikipedia and it sounds eerily like my life.

  2. Well, you certainly can paint stuff that looks like stuff, quite proficiently.
    It's your sense of humor that keeps me reading ;-)
    Chucky B, Indeed!
    I find paintings of naked women in the woods completely ridiculous no matter what kind of get up they have on their heads, and have wondered what the artist was thinking, And why the women always look like Victoria's Secret models,
    but now I can see that it's the music.

  3. Ok, this is the first post I have read of yours, and I think I am qualified to say that you are awesome!