Thursday, August 25, 2011

Lucie and the Wind, Part 5

Did you know that our activity on this blog is inversely correlated to how much fun we're having? So we're pretty much having the best summer ever.

My notes get a little spotty after the coat. This was right before my show in Palm Desert and in between hysterical crying bouts and five hundred phone calls with FedEx I forgot to record stuff in my journal. It seems I reworked the face again. Here is a detail of the eye. I like to start off by painting a rich red line in the crease of the eye.

And then paint into that starting point:

It seems I got wonky with my values and painted everything a shade lighter on round three, and consequently went back for a round four to fix it. By now my show is on and I'm packing up house to move out west and poor Lucie is shoved in a box for several months. When I arrive on Vancouver Island, her chin is the only part that hasn't been darkened, making it project outward like she's some sort of slack-jawed yokel. Here is how I resolved the chin:

So by now I'm working in a room that has, like, windows, and I can see the sky and I realize how lame my sky looks. And in case I didn't realize it, Dave points it out to me about three times before I decide to do a couple of cloud studies outside. Here's one:

Fortunately there were no bears that day, because my pochade box lacks the basic survival accessories like pepper spray and perhaps a grenade launcher. Using my study I repainted the sky. I scaled down the contrast and made up my own cloud patterns from my head.

And now for some instant trees:

So I bet you've been wondering where the hell I'm going with her hair. Just wait. It stops looking like a mullet soon.

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