Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Video Review for The Study of Color

Posted by: Dave

This one hour video just released by Michael Klein covers his theory of color as used in his own paintings. He does a good job articulating how he incorporates the Munsell system of color into his work and palette setup, and explains what the Munsell system really is. This is all demonstrated through a still life painting and close up shots of his palette, which he narrates over. He also puts time aside to do some interesting color mixing demos. Though I would recommend this video for most, it may not be so useful for the absolute beginner. Only problem I had with the video, and almost every art video for that matter, is the lack of good music. By their very nature, these videos are a slow watch, so why not throw some Pantera in there to liven things up. Try not being totally pumped to paint while listening to this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gy4Db3eCxeg

For purchase information on the video visit http://www.michaelkleinpaintings.com/


  1. You're absolutely right. I listen to stuff like Pantera while I paint.

  2. Great painter Michael Kien . I found this product to be like most art instructional videos of its genre : painfully articulated and vaguely informative .

  3. Personally, as I'm old school, I'd put on Hawkwind's "Space Ritual".