Wednesday, May 4, 2011

PSA 6x9

Posted by: Kate

Dave and I were really upset that we had to sit out this year's PSA conference, but at least I was able to participate in the 6x9 mystery auction. My panel didn't arrive in the mail until the last possible minute so it was a bit of a race to get the thing done, dried, and in the mail. The subject of my painting is Brian, a nice old guy who lives in our neighborhood. Dave wanted to paint him since the day we first laid eyes on him and is currently planning a more elaborate piece involving him.

Brian was extremely flattered to model for a photoshoot a couple of months ago. Unfortunately, this painting wasn't done from life. I worked from my laptop. I did, however, make a few artistic changes. The colours in the flesh are a little different, and I changed his clothing and the background to give it more of a Flemish look.

I've roughed out the drawing and have started laying in my red notes.  I usually start with red.

I've added in my dark notes and have started to lay in the yellower flesh notes.

The painting looks weird up until this point, but now it looks particularly ugly.  This is a pretty typical stage in my portraits and this is generally when Dave suggests that I start over.

Starting to look a little more normal, although sunken in this picture.  This is how it looked at the beginning of my second session.

Juicy brushstrokes brought to you by Liquin.

End of second 3-4 hour session.  Done.  Dave showed me a nifty trick for painting the beard, where you use an annihilated old bristle brush with splaying hairs loaded with thick paint to apply light, feathery strokes.


  1. Wonderful work Kate... even more so working from a photograph... great stuff! Roger Murray

  2. Great portrait! I love the value pattern on this and the pacing of the lights.

  3. Nice work Kate, and thanks for posting the process..........cheers.