Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Painting Show-Down Update

Posted by: Dave

So I thought I would write this entry since my wife as been doing all the writing up until this point. In addition, the last entry about "Pride and Prejudice" was starting to make the blog a lot less manly than I had intended. I personally would have mentioned the painting from Ghostbusters 2 of Vigo the Carpathian; a much more worthy painting of note.

Anyway, I am pulling ahead in the race and have begun to add the finishing layer to the painting using medium, which consists of stand oil, linseed oil, mineral spirits, and a bit of paprika for flavor. You can see how certain elements of the painting are saturated and others seem dull. The medium, which I apply with a make-up sponge, allows the paint to move more easily across the surface and equalizes the refractive index of the dry paint layer. The refractive index for those who don't know is the way light interacts and reflects with the paint surface. It also makes me sound smart when I use the term.


  1. Christopher DaltonApril 15, 2011 at 1:02 PM

    Are you still using paint straight out of the tube at this point? Or do you have medium in the paint as well?

  2. Straight out of the tube at this point.