Friday, February 11, 2011

Dave's delicious new still life

Dave recently finished a still life and we thought we'd share the step-by-step. The inspiration for this painting comes from one of Dave's favourite things in the whole world. Meat. It's his reason to get up in the morning.
 Drybrush stage.  Mostly pure paint with a teeny bit of spirits.
 Ebauche, paint thinned with spirits.
 Start of first painting.  Only pure paint.
 Finished painting.  Final layer painted with meatium.  Get it?  MEAT-ium?

Dave likes to juxtapose more highly finished elements (in this case, the wood of the shelf, the handle of the cleaver) with broken and atmospheric elements (the background and any objects in the background).  The contrast adds significance to the detailed areas, and the broken and atmospheric elements recede in space and create depth.


  1. The very end of the knife handle is my favorite part. It's "woodiness" is impressive. I love this type of still life.

  2. Great work Dave. I'm excited about your blog!

  3. Thanks everyone, the most challenging part of doing a perishable still life with meat is considering whether or not it can sit under a light for 6 hours and still be eaten.

  4. I'm so happy I found your blog. I love the process shots.