Sunday, February 27, 2011

Reception in Palm Desert

Here are some photos from my reception last night.  There was a great turn out and Dave and I had a lot of fun.  Thank you Howard for all your hard work!

My work.

The evening in full swing, just before Sabin's unveiling.

Left to right, Sabin Howard, Howard Schepp, me, and Dave.

After everyone left Dave and I were able to take a picture of our work hanging together.

Dave and I will post more soon.  For now we're going to try to enjoy our last day in the sun before going back to Toronto.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Friday, February 18, 2011

Representation in Charleston

"Vanitas," 20x24", oil on linen on panel

Dave is now represented by M Gallery in Charleston, South Carolina.  If you are in that part of the world you can find his "Vanitas" (above) in the window of the gallery.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Studio Update

Here are some pics of the studio all set up:

And here's some of the stuff we're working on:

Ping's new still life

Alex's new still life set up.  I still think it could use a human ear necklace.

My charcoal and graphite drawing experiment.

Matt's figure drawing

Dave working on his painting of Suzanne

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Show Opens in Palm Desert

Today my show in Palm Desert opens! My gallery, Howard Schepp Fine Art, is hosting a group show featuring work by Sabin Howard, Jeff Faust, Josh Simpson, Fred Wessel, Toland Sand (great name for a glass artist), Paul Anders-Stout, and myself. There was delay with FedEx and my paintings only just made it to the gallery on Wednesday. I was so stressed out I was checking the tracking update every hour for the past few days.

Here are the paintings that I have in the show:
 "Bottle Fly", 16x24", oil on linen on panel
A frog finds he has outgrown the exit to his habitat.  The 
feathers, the window, and the green bottle fly build 
on the theme of captivity and freedom.  Dave and I have 
found ourselves in a similar position recently, feeling the 
need to move but finding it really difficult just the same.
 "The Nest", 24x36", oil on linen on panel
Two House Sparrows are building a nest inside a skull 
in a dilapidated barn.  All around junk is scattered.  
Commentary on trying to make a home under less 
than ideal circumstances.
"The Pair," 24x48", oil on linen
A girl and her dog double back to search for her 
missing glove.  Sometimes two things belong together.
"The Firefly," 18x24", oil on linen
A girl shares her discovery of a firefly 
with her younger sister.

Unfortunately I've just realized I didn't get a proper photo of my Snail Shell painting.  Here's pretty low-quality one:
"Snail Shell," 6x6", oil on linen on panel
The title pretty much says it all.

There are also a few framed charcoal drawings of bird studies--prep work for "The Nest."

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Angel Academy Videos

The studio is running, although there are still some things that could be finessed. Photos to follow. Everything has been going so well with support pouring in from unexpected directions, it's been like a guardian "Angel" has been watching over us.

We just had to share a few amazing videos. Dave has watched them each about nine times.

Damn, I wish Angel had an academy like this in Canada.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Dave's delicious new still life

Dave recently finished a still life and we thought we'd share the step-by-step. The inspiration for this painting comes from one of Dave's favourite things in the whole world. Meat. It's his reason to get up in the morning.
 Drybrush stage.  Mostly pure paint with a teeny bit of spirits.
 Ebauche, paint thinned with spirits.
 Start of first painting.  Only pure paint.
 Finished painting.  Final layer painted with meatium.  Get it?  MEAT-ium?

Dave likes to juxtapose more highly finished elements (in this case, the wood of the shelf, the handle of the cleaver) with broken and atmospheric elements (the background and any objects in the background).  The contrast adds significance to the detailed areas, and the broken and atmospheric elements recede in space and create depth.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Studio Progress

Everyone has been working steadily at getting the studio ready. The walls have been painted and we're pretty proud of the lighting suspension system we've rigged up. Dave and I feel it's a shame we're only going to be in this shared studio for another four months, as we're planning to relocate to Montreal this summer.

We've painted the walls a cool brown.

Dave sinking drywall anchors for the suspension chains.
The suspension system was made possible thanks to Ping's PhD in Mathematics (centre).

Hopefully we'll be done setting up in a day or two and everyone can get started on their work.